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Vantage Commercial Realty is a boutique brokerage house located in Washington, D.C., was founded in 2005,and has been serving the investors and developers since then.


We offer property owners a competitive monthly management fee, ranging from 3% to 10%. This fee depends on factors such as the number of units managed by our team, the monthly rental cost, and the location of the property.

Vantage Management does not charge our clients for routine maintenance, property vacancy, and start-up and termination fees.
**If a tenant if eviction within 6 months of our services, we will be happy to lease your rental property without any charges**

Leasing Services

Vantage Management strategically markets individual properties, using search engines and off-site marketing tactics. Our available rental properties can be found on all major search engines and online classifieds.


For Vantage Management, the practice of management means actively taking responsibility for the services provided to tenants. Our management team proudly serves as the backbone of our properties.
We act in the best interest of our clients by developing policies intended to benefit all parties, including the community and businesses.


Vantage Management seeks to continually innovate by enhancing technological resources for property management and marketing techniques.
At Vantage Management, we implement our innovative tools and our passionate communication with tenants, building staff, owners, and other members of our clientele to create efficient and unique solutions that provide effective results.


Our Leasing Department effectively processes transactions for our tenants by working with their individual income and credit levels.
Vacant units are displayed on our website periodically. Each listing includes information about the type of property, size of property, its location, property class, and price.
Our Customer Service representatives receive and document requests for maintenance service.
We attentively manage maintenance and repair service requests and provide regular insepctions of properties.
Our Accounting Department records invoice payments and provides a monthly accounting report to property owners. Emergency contact phone numbers are posted in every building managed by The Vantage Management.

Our Mission

The Vantage Management team strives to provide efficient and cost-effective service to our clients. We are committed to supporting our clients throughout all aspects of the management process.